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Judy with fairy

My friend was placing a gift in an English fairy grotto when someone snapped this photo. She wasn't holding anything in her hand at the time, but the camera caught this image.

fairy photos

Faerie in car photo

Look closely at the back window of the car above. Can you see the faerie or elf? Close up below -

Close up of faery or elvin being in car.

Photos sent by Juan from Argentina. He said there was nobody in the car when the photo was snapped, and the night before, while he was driving, a voice from that position in the car told him to watch out for a posible car accident. Seconds later one car was right in front of him about to have a head-on collision at about 70 miles per hour! He has a good friend watching over him.

Another photo sent by Juan, taken immediately after the one above -

Mysterious light photo

fairy photos

I took the following unretouched photos at Armstrong Redwoods Park in Gurneville, CA, where some of the most ancient trees on Earth live. I could feel the presence of the nature spirits, but I was surprised to find these clear images when I downloaded my photos!

faery globes
Faerie Globe Orbs

redwood fairies
Who Lives Here?

redwood aura
Redwood Aura

nature spirit orbs
Oxalis Faeries

I took the photo below at Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, CA, but never noticed the shaft of light touching the heart of the oak tree until years later when I was looking for a photo for my Celtic Mystery School website, to illustrate my vision of a property on which to build Faehallows School of Magic. What a perfect image for a magic school!

Oak Heart by Bernadette Wulf
Oak Heart

me at fairy falls

My friend Judy took this photo of me at Faery Falls near Mt. Shasta at Summer Solstice 2004. I can see several faces of Rock People behind me, but for a long time I didn't even notice the most obvious one. It's the large face with long, white hair! The bottom of the nose is directly above my head.

source for everything fairy

This site will grow with your help!

Here you will find an assortment of faery lore, as well as sources for products, books, and artwork. Much of this information is from my personal experiences with the fae. I welcome you to share your own experiences for inclusion here.

Please send links to your favorite Sources of Fairy/Faerie products and information. Quality websites focusing on Nature Spirits, the Sidhe, and Devas of Nature are welcome to link here.

If you are specifically interested in Celtic Faery Magic,
visit CelticMysterySchool.com

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keeper of the trees faery painting by Bernadette Wulf

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Free download of the Faery Way by Hugh Mynne

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