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Faery Artist Linksfairy globe

Bernadette Wulf -
WulfWorks Visionary Art Gallery

Faery Mysterium - Beautiful faery sculptures by Michelle Van Fleet

Merrigan's Crafts Shoppe - Lovely faery crafts and lots of lore

Faery Shoppe - More of Merrigan's lovely crafts

Stephanie Pui-Min -
Shadowscapes Gallery, beautiful faery images

Catherine Andrews -
Uplifting visionary oil paintings

Linda Kertzman - Hand sculpted fairy tale dolls

Cheryl Yambrach Rose  - Mystical art and portraiture

Fairy Bower - Valorie Wilson
FairieBower.com - Beautiful fairy artwork

Francene Hart  - Delicate inspirational watercolors

Rachel Pace - Beautiful Handmade Fairy Houses

Margaret Walty - Wonderful artwork 

Brian Froud's  - Faery art is very well known, and deservedly so

Amy Brown's  - Faery folk are wonderful and whimsical  

Wyrdhaven Studios  - Art of Faery & Myth - the lovely artwork of Beth Hansen  

Underhill Studios - Very magical work of Larry MacDougall and P.A. Lewis

David DeLaMare  - Enchanting fantasy and faery art

Selina Frenech - Very nice fantasy art, including faeries  

James Browne  - Enchanting faery and fantasy art    

Stepanie Law - Delicately beautiful art  

Jessica Galbraith - Dramatic and colorful fantasy art 

Toadstool Farm Art - Enchanting artwork by Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly  

Faerywoods - Lovely work from Michelle Campbell

Whispering Willow Fairies - Sweet Fairy dolls

http://www.pixiepixie.com/ - Cute fairy-pixie clothes, belts & accesories

http://www.moontoegallery.com/ - Lovely fairy paintings and gift items

http://www.creativeheart.ca/Index.html - Art and photos inspired by Nature

http://www.whitestagart.com/ - Cute and playful fairy art

http://faeriecece.redbubble.com/works - Beautiful faery gateway

http://www.canstockphoto.com/images-photos/fairy.html - Fairy stock photos 
and images

http://susanbarchard.com/Home.aspx - Fairy art and all things fairy.

tree deva faery

Thanks to Tina Caldwell for sharing her beautiful animated fairies!

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