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Rose - the faery flower

Wild Rose
sacred flower of
the Faery Realm

Show off your connection with the faerie realm by wearing this beautiful Faerie-Elven Star Pendant!

Elven Star Neclace

 Elven Star Necklace

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Keeper of the Trees by Bernadette Wulf

 Keeper of the Trees

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Faery Reiki Attunements

Learn to heal the faery way!
A Faery Reiki attunement will connect you with the healing powers of Avalon and the faery folk. You will receive a distant attuenment to open you to the energy of the faery realm, including the Faery Reiki symbols that allow the healing power of the faeries to flow through your hands.
Faery Reiki
was originally received by Violet Paille from the land of Avalon during her Celtic Reiki attunement.

Faery Reiki Attunements will be sent by Bernadette Wulf - Faery Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Master. These Attunements are sent from a distance, so you can receive them anywhere in the world, no matter where you happen to live.
Real true faeries, elves, fairy lore
After you have made a payment for your Attunement, you will receive your instructions and manual by email. Then we will set up a time for your attunement that is convenient for you. Ideally, you will want to be in a relaxed and receptive state at the time scheduled.

Faery Reiki Attunements
come with:

Instructions for receiving
distant attunements

19 page Faery Reiki Manual

Faery Reiki Master Certificate, including lineage - your choice of Word or PDF format

Email or phone support before and after your attunement

Your Faery Reiki Master Attunement Manual includes:

Faery Lore
History of Avalon
Violet Pallie's Journey
The Symbols and Definitions
Faery Healing Process
Attunement Process (which you can pass on to others)

Faery Reiki Master Attunement – $25.00

real fairies in our world - faeries     true fairy encounters - faerie realm     real fairies in our world - faeries

Faery Realms Reiki
There is another type of faery reiki called Faery Realms Reiki, offered for free by Keith Zang. Follow the link below to learn the three symbols in his system and attune yourself - for use in healing nature, plants, animals, and humans.

Feary Realms Reiki has a very different, more masculine feel to it than the Faery Reiki that came through Violet Paille. You may want to try them both and see which one works best for you, or combine them in your own way!

faery healing messages
This site will grow with your help!

Here you will find an assortment of faery lore, as well as sources for products, books, and artwork. Much of this information is from my personal experiences with the fae. I welcome you to share your own experiences, faery links, and photographs for inclusion here.

Please send links to your favorite Sources of Fairy/Faerie products and information. Quality websites focusing on Nature Spirits, the Sidhe, and Devas of Nature are welcome to link here.

If you are specifically interested in the
Mystery Wisdom of Celtic Faery Magic,

visit CelticMysterySchool.com

fairy e-mail Bernadette Wulf

red roses from the faerie realm

Faery Paintings
by Bernadette Wulf
are available for purchase as
Print-on-Demand Fine Art Prints
Greeting Cards with envelopes.

Originals or Custom-sized
Archival Paper Prints
available by special order.

E-mail: Bernadette Wulf

WulfWorks Novelty items available at

faery art mugfantasy art cards

Organic Cotton T-shirts with WulfWorks Images by Bernadette Wulf available at http://wulfworks.net/page5faery.html

WulfWorks Copyright 1989-2014
Please respect copyright and do not use 
or reproduce my images without permission

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